Most customers approach me asking me for a price quote on a basic shed at a particular size. Although some customers might know exactly what they are looking for, for those who don’t, this is where I come in to ensure each customer receives the customer service and dedicated time to walk through all possible options. This ensures that you are getting the shed you want, along with the shed you need. I start each customer with a specific set of questions to help narrow this decision down.

  1. What are you using the shed for? This question will almost always allow me to be able to understand your needs and help find the shed that will give you all the functionality you are looking for.

  2. After this, I then can help you make a decision on choosing from a wide variety of pre-built inventory or going with a custom built order. The best part about custom builds is, they do not cost more money. What I mean by this is, if you design one identical to one you find on inventory already built, it will not cost more money to go with our custom build options. Cost will only change when you add or subtract features.

  3. Lastly, we would want to figure out accessibility of the location we are bringing the building to. This way we know if we would need to build the shed on site or be able to bring a pre-built shed directly to the drop site on the property.

Easy as that!

Gable (Utility Style) vs Gambrel (Lofted Barn Style)

Benefits and reasons to go with a Gable style roof vs Gambrel style roof.

Gable Roof

  • The top reason most buyers that will go with a utility style building is aesthetics. This style is most likely to match your home or other outbuildings on your property.

  • The second reason most buyers will go with this style is interior wall height of 7 ½ ft (92in). If you are needing additional wall space for garden tools, kayaks, lawn tools, bikes, etc, this will be a great fit for you.

Benefits and reasons to go with a Gambrel style roof vs Gable style roof.

Gambrel Roof

  • The top reasons that customers will land on the Gambel style (lofted barn style) roof is the ability to have a loft built into your shed for additional overhead storage space. If you are looking to store boxes, totes, hay bales, or lumber that you do not want in your usable space, this is the perfect building to accommodate for those needs.

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